*Mental Health and Nutrition* *Mental Health* and *Nutrition* are *two prominent pillars* on which our *physical body stands.* The *Pandemic* has *watered down* the *mental health* on *all age groups* occupying a *major threat to self.* What *influences* it more is our *nutrition* . We tend to *binge on unhealthy food* when we’re idle or probably watching your favorite TV show. Let’s *dive into the ocean of well-being* through *mental health and nutrition.* Our *distinguished and experienced panelists* will be *addressing and discussing* these two *mammoth pillars* in our lifestyle. Join us this *Saturday, 17th July 2021.* We go *Live on YouTube and Facebook at 6:30 PM (IST).* Looking forward to seeing you all. *Register Now!* *Registration Link* - https://ift.tt/3g3oZk7 *Facebook Live* - https://ift.tt/3i6E9Fc *YouTube Live* - https://ift.tt/2U54OKM

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Good more earning everyone, Welcome to *FollowerThon Learning Forum!* We would like to invite you to our next learning session on *Monday, 20th September 2021 from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm IST* Speaker: *ANAND MAHURKAR - Advocate, Brand Franchisee Consultant* Topic: *Are You Franchise Ready?* *Key benefits:* • Get to know how franchise business works • How to set up your franchisee model? • Important aspects for a Franchisor and Franchisee • Check if you are ready for a Franchisee Business *Franchise business model* is emerging as a growth engine for Franchisor and Franchisee both. It is important to understand various aspects of this business model. Our speaker *Adv Anand Mahurkar* is going to help audience to explain various aspects of Franchisee Business Model by various examples. He is going to help you to check if you are ready as a Franchisor or a Franchisee for such a business growth.

*PRESENTING NEW FEATURE!* https://ift.tt/3mrL9P3 We are very glad to feature Dt. Reema Arora, Founder of Food Synergy Nutrition Studio from Goa, India on Wellness Centauri eMagazine. . . Interviewed by Khushboo Bhavesh Chotaliya - Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor (https://ift.tt/3vdOnZD) . . Referred by : Yogesh MA, CEO of Digital Influencer's Academy. (https://ift.tt/3fcCgqr) . . Published by : Dr.Prachi Ambolkar - Consulting Clinical Dietitian from Navi Mumbai, India. (https://ift.tt/3udg8Ag) . . This Wellness Centauri eMagazine is a part of Yogesh MA's InfluencerThon project. (https://ift.tt/3fcCgqr) #WellnessCentauri #DrPrachiAmbolkar #InfluencerThon #YogeshMA #DigitalInfluencerAcademy #FollowerThon #BrandYouYear #BrandYou #SupportWorldEconomyCampaign #Dietitian #FoodSynergy #Goa