#Latepost Had a Powerpacked session on occasion of "Spring Series of Lectures" ( वसत वयखयनमल ) on 7th April 2023 At One Of The Biggest Libraries In Raigad District 'K.G. Limaye Library. Thank you Sunita Joshi Ma'am for having me as a Guest Speaker ... It was my honour and an experience Beyond my expectations!! I went expecting a senior age group of about 50 and was surprised with the Amazing audience participation and response!! Audience न खप परशन वचरल and I am glad I could answer all of them!! After 7.30p.m. organizers had to stop the audience questions or else it would have lasted another 30mins.. 50 means age-wise तयन बऱयपक महत असत... So itka participation and overwhelming response was beyond my expectations !! Also I got a feedback from organizers that attendance was unusually full ... I enjoyed a lottt

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