Good more earning everyone, Welcome to *FollowerThon Learning Forum!* We would like to invite you to our next learning session on *Monday, 27th September 2021 from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm IST* Speaker: *Dr. Rachana Awatramani - Consulting Psychologist & Author* Topic: "Truth Evaluation through Facial Expression" Identifying the emotions and the differentiating between truth and lie through facial expression. What you will learn? ✅ Understanding emotions through facial expression ✅ Predict your success or failure in every negotiation, before it is expressed verbally. ✅ Identifying the truth and lie with help of facial expression and body language ✅ Improve sales skills, because if you can understand your emotions and know how to read them you will sell more ✅ Improving client relationship Who is this course for? Business man/woman Executives Psychologist / Counsellor Lawyers Public speaker Sales Professionals Health professionals