How many of you have heard/read that Covid-19 is airborne ? Is it true ? To what extent ? Does putting sesame oil on your skin kill the Covid-19 virus? Well, a big NO . In today’s modern virtual world , we have multiple platforms and social media that talk extensively about COVID-19 but we at C4 have carefully curated the most common myths and facts about the alarming virus with the most up to date information from highly qualified health professionals and the medical fraternity to provide knowledge and awareness about everything there is to know about the virus. Tune in to our series of webinars hosted by C4 Integrated Wellness Pvt. Ltd . to cut the white noise and straight up go to the evidence-based scientific facts about COVID-19. --------- PS- A great opportunity for students to build their CV. Join us in this great initiative and get your accredited certificates . (Certificates will be given to the ones who have registered for and attended the webinar). --------- Registration link - Facebook Live Webinar - Youtube Live Webinar -